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Yin Qiao - Yinchiao Tablets | Best Chinese Medicines

Yin Qiao - Yinchiao Tablets

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Yin Qiao - Yinchiao Tablets

Yin Chiao (Cold Season's Support) is an all-natural dietary herbal supplement. The ingredients of this remedy are specially selected for additional support during the cold season. Helpful during the first 36 hours of a cold, before the cold 'settles in', with the following symptoms:

  • Body aches 
  • Scratchy throat 
  • Mild fever 
  • Stuffy nose with watery discharge 
  • General weakness


Herbal Ingredients found in Yin Qiao - Yinchiao Tablets:

  • Japanese Honeysuckle (flower)
  • Forsythia (root) 
  • Isatis (root) 
  • Lophatherum (stem & leaf) 
  • Chinese mint (aboveground parts)
  • Burdock (fruit)
  • Instructions:

As a dietary supplement take 4 Tablets, 3 times a day with warm water

120 Tablets per box, 450mg each.

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