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Xiao Qing Long Tang Wan - Blue Dragon Extract | Best Chinese Medicines

Xiao Qing Long Tang Wan - Minor Blue Dragon Extract

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What is Xiao Qing Long Tang Wan - Minor Blue Dragon Extract

This Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formula with its unusual name is designed for acute respiratory conditions marked by having MOST of following symptoms: 

  • Fear of being cold 
  • Fever without perspiration 
  • Headache 
  • Cough 
  • Asthma 
  • Chest distress 
  • Coughing up a lot of light sputum 
  • Difficulty in lying flat due to severe asthma and cough 
  • Heaviness of the body 
  • Edema and puffiness 

Herbal Ingredients found in Xiao Qing Long Tang Wan - Minor Blue Dragon Extract:

  • Pinellia (rhizome) 
  • Chinese peony (root) 
  • Cassia (bark) 
  • Schisandra (fruit) 
  • Ginger (dried rhizome) 
  • Chinese licorice (root)

Dosage Instructions for Xiao Qing Long Tang Wan - Minor Blue Dragon Extract

As a dietary supplement, take 8 Teapills 3 times a day with warm water.

200 Teapills (160mg each) per bottle.

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Customer Reviews

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Because in the past I have had sometimes severe bronchial issues triggered by colds, flu, allergies, cats, and winter weather, my acupuncturist Nancy suggested I take "Blue Dragon Extract" daily to strengthen my lung chi and protect from any recurrences. This time-tested ancient remedy is gentle but dependable and I have never experienced negative any side effects unlike with prescriptions, pharmaceuticals, or over-the-counter products. .So, if you make friends with the Blue Dragon, you'll see what I mean.

Thank you for thoughts-- I would only add to those reading that this formula's main mechanism is to 'expel' things that are trying to get in from the outside whether that be allergens, viruses, or just plain old cold and dampness rather than strengthening Lung Qi... it's good to hear that you found a good match of a formula!

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