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Da Bu Yin Wan - Lan Zhou Foci Brand

Da Bu Yin Wan - Lan Zhou Foci Brand

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What is An Da Bu Yin Wan

Lan Zhou Foci - Da Bu Yin Wan - Herbal Supplement

Da Bu Yin Wan, by Lan Zhou Foci, is a popular herbal supplement in China that supports the health of the throat, ears, immune system, and reproductive system in men.


This product contains fresh-water turtle shell. This is believed to be useful in helping to support the kidneys; some users also believe that it helps with relaxation and restlessness.

Da Bu Yin Wan also contains pure rehmannia root, which has been cultivated in China for 2,000 years. This herb also is known as Chinese Foxglove Root. It is believed to help with the function of the liver, and can be helpful with the depletion of glycogen stores. This herb also helps to improve the function of both the immune system and the male reproductive glands. The support to the immune system helps to make the user stay healthy during the cold or flu season. Rehmannia root also supports the health of the throat and ears. It often is used with fresh-water turtle shell for the male reproductive system.

    Chinese herbs work differently from Western drugs - they help clear the root of the problem. Often these herbs work better if taken for some time, depending on the severity and length of symptoms. Thus they help to resolve the underlying imbalance, rather than simply managing symptoms.

    Herbal Ingredients found in Da Bu Yin Wan

    • Prepared Rehmannia Root
    • Anemarrhena Rhizome
    • Fresh-water Turtle Shell
    • Phellodendron Bark

    Dosage Instructions for Da Bu Yin Wan

    We recommend that you take eight pills, three times per day.

    Amount: 200 ct 

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