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Bu Nao Wan - Polygala Combo - Formerly Cerebral Tonic | Best Chinese Medicines

Bu Nao Wan - Polygala Combo - Formerly Cerebral Tonic

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Bu Nao Wan - Polygala Combo - Formerly Cerebral Tonic


A Chinese herbal formula that helps maintain brain function, focus, concentration, and clarity. Useful in older persons with atherosclerotic plaque causing hardened arteries, and the accompanying symptoms of poor concentration and memory, restlessness, mental agitation, fatigue and insomnia.


Herbal Ingredients found in Bu Nao Wan - Polygala Combo - Formerly Cerebral Tonic:


  • Dong quai root (Dang Gui, Angelica), 
  • Jujube seed, 
  • English walnut, 
  • Lycium fruit, 
  • Oriental arborvitae seed, 
  • Schisandra fruit, 
  • Sharp-leaf galangal fruit, 
  • Polygala root, 
  • Grass-leaf sweetfiag (rhizome), 
  • Bamboo (dried secretion)

As a dietary supplement take 10 Teapills 3 times a day with warm water.

300 Teapills per box, 150mg each.


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Super product

My dad has a Parkinson problem and as soon as we started giving him this product it seems to have gone away! His stomach feels much better and he sleeps more deep than before!

Thank you for your feedback!!

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