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Ma Xing Zhi Ke Pian - Bronchy Releever | Best Chinese Medicines

Ma Xing Zhi Ke Pian - Bronchy Releever

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What is Ma Xing Zhi Ke Pian - Bronchy Releever

Fortify and invigorate your system so you stay hearty & healthy during the annual cold, flu and allergy season. Embrace the storied wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to face the onslaught of allergens & pathogens that arrive with the Fall, Winter and Spring seasons. 

Ma Xing Zhi Ke Pian is a time-honored natural remedy to treat colds, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory problems. If you’re like the millions of patients & people dissatisfied with the never-ending pharmaceutical buffet offered by Western medicine, you may be seeking a more holistic approach to managing your health and wellness. 

Bronchy Releever offers a therapeutic herbal alternative to soothe & subdue painful lungs and airways. This all-natural blend is particularly helpful to treat bronchial sickness where there is a loud and painful cough producing yellow or green phlegm discharge. Open and expand your airways to promote proper flow of qi and re-establish yin-yang balance.

Take Ma Xing Zhi Ke Pian for the following Conditions or Symptoms

  • Severe cold
  • Bronchitis
  • Asthma
  • Yellow or green phlegm discharge
  • Dry, painful cough
  • Breathlessness and labored breathing

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) function for Ma Xing Zhi Ke Pian - Bronchy Releever

  • Sedate lung heat
  • Remove wind to clear the surface
  • Resolve cough & phlegm build-up 

Lung and respiratory function are tied to the elemental quality Metal of the Five Phases. 

Soothe and alleviate breathing trouble that results from Heat or Wind-Heat accumulation in the lungs.

Herbal Ingredients found in Ma Xing Zhi Ke Pian

  • Platycodon (root) 
  • Apricot (seed) 
  • Chinese licorice (root) 
  • Tangerine (rind of mature fruit) 
  • Gypsum (gypsum fibrosum) 
  • Purified tale (pulvis talci) 
  • Honey (mel)

Dosage Instructions for Ma Xing Zhi Ke Pian

As a dietary supplement, take 4 Tablets 3 times daily

Amount: 80 Tablets (300mg) per bottle

Join the millions of people achieving balance and reinvigorating their health through the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine!

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