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Long Gu - Dragon Bone - O's Draconis

Long Gu

English Name: Dragon Bone

Pharmaceutical Name: Os Draconis

Properties: Long Gu enters the Heart and Liver channels and is sweet and astringent in flavor; it is cool in temperature.

What is Long Gu: Long Gu (literally “dragon bone”) is in actuality fossilized mammal bones (usually vertebrae and extremities) and is used medicinally in either raw or calcined (prepared) form. This herb has a variety of uses—in the context of this discussion, it shows up in the Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell Decoction formula in its raw form and is used to treat various forms of Shen disturbance (e.g. insomnia, restlessness, palpitations and mania) that also present with concurrent symptoms such as vertigo, tinnitus, dizziness, short-temper and facial paralysis (i.e. the symptomology of Liver constraint with Liver Yang rising).

TCM Actions of Long Gu:  Unprocessed Long Gu calms the Liver, anchors rising Yang (w/Liver Wind), and calms restless Shen. In its processed form it is used to prevent leakage of fluids (as used in Jin Suo Gu Jing Tang—which is discussed in another section of this guide).

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