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5 Inspiring & Healthy New Year's Resolutions - from Best Chinese Medicines

It’s that time of year again! We are getting ready to ring in 2020 and are thinking up our biggest dreams and health goals for the next year. Have you considered where you would like to improve this new year? Do you have a health concern or trouble that you’d love to tackle by 2021? 

New Year’s Resolutions are a fun way to get motivated to make those changes and adopt those habits we’ve been putting off. This year, we’d like to highlight a few common, yet commendable New Year’s Resolutions and provide you the blueprint and easy Chinese medicine solutions to help you be successful this year.

Why Health Resolutions are So Important
New Year’s resolutions are not for everyone, but setting goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable and provide a system for success. This is particularly important for health goals. With our busy lives, it can be easy to slip into bad habits that might be comfortable in the moment, but worsen our health issues in the long run.

The new year provides us with a definitive time to make a change and the motivation to stick with it. With a few resolution rules, you’ll be well on your way to creating a plan for yourself that will work. The trick is to make your resolutions clear, actionable, and simple. Creating too vague a goal or one without any steps to make it possible will be too hard to stick with. You won’t know if you’ve made progress and it doesn’t lead itself to true lifestyle change.

With our resolutions below, we’ve listed some common but vague goals, the more direct and actionable steps to get there, and our favorite products at Best Chinese Medicine that will make reaching your goal easier, faster, and more rewarding. Let’s check them out!

5 Health-Inspiring Resolutions for 2020
Looking for some inspiration to get in shape, get healthy, or get happy this year? Start here, with our 6 health-inspiring New Year’s resolutions for 2020 – or anytime!

  • Stress Less
    As a society, we stress too much! The evidence is clear in the high levels of anxiety, depression, insomnia, unresolved pain, and a variety of other stress-induced conditions. Stress may be unavoidable – it’s a normal part of having a busy, engaging life! But we can take back our control and learn to respond to stress, rather than react. Reducing stress can take many forms. The first step is to identify your stressors and the way your body reacts to stress so you can measure the effectiveness of your stress-relief efforts a few weeks or months down the road.

    The Goal: There are as many stress-relief techniques and strategies as there are people. Here are some of our favorite action steps to help reduce stress. Choose the ones that work best for you and your lifestyle:

    I will reduce stress this year by meditating daily for 10-20 minutes.
    I will reduce stress this year by calming my mind with Chinese herbs daily.
    I will reduce stress this year by exercising at least 120 minutes per week.
    I will reduce stress this year by taking a mental health day per month.
    I will reduce stress this year by eliminating or delegating ‘X’ task(s) to reduce my load. 

    Our Solution: Xiao Yao Wan, Bravo Tea’s Triple Stress Reliever
    Xiao Yao Wan is one of the most famous Chinese herbal formulas. It can be used for a wide variety of issues, but the root is always the same: stress and stagnation. Xiao Yao San helps your body cope with stress more calmly and effectively, thus preventing many of the symptoms of stress overload such as headaches, anxiety, anger, sleep issues, high blood pressure, breakouts, and menstrual issues. Take this formula during times of high stress or daily to manage generalized stress.

    Another great way to keep stress at bay daily is by sipping on Bravo Tea’s Triple Stress Reliever Tea. This formulated tea uses Chinese herbs to calm the mind and relieve tension. Replace your afternoon coffee or sugar hit with a Triple Stress Reliever Tea and a brisk walk to re-energize and de-stress.

  • Drop the Extra Weight
    Weight management is always at the top of the New Year’s resolution list for many people. Our modern lives, convenience diets, and high stress levels makes staying trim difficult. Reaching a healthy weight, however, is crucial for long-term health and wellness, as well as a better quality of life. Extra weight often makes other health conditions worse, increases pain, and leads to poor mental health. This is your year to finally get in shape and drop that excess weight for good with lifestyle change and healthy habits.

    The Goal: This will vary for each person, but as we mentioned before, it’s a good idea to create an actionable plan for your weight loss goal. Simply “lose weight” is too vague and doesn’t provide much motivation. Choose something tangible and create a few plans of action.

    For example: I plan to lose 10 pounds by April 1st by exercising for 30 minutes 5 days per week, eliminating refined sugar, and cooking at home 6 nights a week. I will take herbal medicine every day, stretch daily, and replace all sugary drinks with water or tea.

    Our Solution: Bravo Tea’s Dieter’s Slimming Tea
    The Dieter’s Slimming Tea offers a blend of natural herbs and spices to help improve metabolism and enhance digestion. Replace any sugary drinks or snacks with a cup of tea to stay on top of your weight loss goals. You’ll be reducing your sugar load, refreshing your mind, and improving your entire digestive system all with one simple task. Make sure to incorporate mindfulness and exercise daily for the quickest and healthiest results.

  • Get Regular
    While bowel movement schedules might not be topping the lists this year, we think this is an extremely important resolution to have! The crux of all health lies in the gut, so making sure that your digestion is in tip top shape is the best way to enjoy all the benefits of fabulous health this year.

    The Goal: Better digestion through diet and herbal medicine. What is “better digestion?” Here are a few goals to get you going:

    I will have a comfortable, formed bowel movement daily on a regular schedule.
    I will have normal and comfortable digestion without any bloating, stomach pain, cravings, or fatigue by moderating my diet and drinking water.
    I will eat a diet of mostly plants, whole grains, and healthy meat sources (optional) to provide plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fiber to my diet.
    I will improve my digestion with mindful, slow, and thorough chewing.
    I will enhance my digestion with probiotics, Chinese herbal medicine, and supplements.

    Our Solution: Xiang Sha Yang Wei Wan and Real Mushrooms Chaga
    For those who need extra help getting their digestion in order, try Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang. This formula is helpful for boosting the digestive function while clearing out stagnant, toxic materials and energizing the digestive organs. For daily support, add in Real Mushrooms Chaga powder or capsules. Chaga is an amazing mushroom that assist digestion and promotes better assimilation of nutrients.

  • Be More Energized, More Active
    Many of us would like to be more active and have more energy. This is apparent in the rise of gym memberships and energy supplements in January and February. Sadly, many people give up on their newly active lifestyles shortly after the first few months of the year. Work, family, or fatigue often get in the way of keeping our habits. The way to adopt a truly active lifestyle is to make real changes and stick to them. This is all made easier when you are supported by your diet and herbal supplements.

    The Goal: Maintain an active lifestyle and feel more energized. How? Try these:

    I am full of energy because I stretch and do light exercise every morning upon waking.
    I have an active lifestyle and exercise 30-60 minutes per day, 5 days per week.
    I take the stairs or walk to my destination whenever possible.
    I try a new fitness class once per month.
    I take short energy breaks (a quick walk, jumping jacks, or stretch) at work or home hourly to revive my natural energy.
    I take my daily herbal remedies to support my body in staying energized and healthy.

    Our Solution: Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan and Real Mushrooms Cordyceps-M or Lion’s Mane
    Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan, or Central Chi Pills, help to support the energy centers of your body, beat fatigue, and improve your mental clarity. This formula is best for those who feel weighed down by their fatigue, general low energy, or brain fog. Pair with either Cordyceps-M (for physical endurance and energy) or Lion’s Mane (for cognitive support and energy). Those who are looking to take on a physically active new year will find tons of potential in the Cordyceps-M supplement, as it helps to boost energy and performance. Lion’s Mane is fantastic for increasing brain power and mental clarity, as well as general energy. 

  • Sleep Better 
    Are you one the millions of Americans who suffer from poor sleep and insomnia? If so, you might resolve to finally get your sleep on track this year. This is an honorable resolution as the quality of your health, mood, and life in general can be traced back to the quality of your sleep. Quality sleep is crucial for every system of the body, and lack of sleep can result in poor immune function, increased pain, moodiness, depression, brain fog, and poor performance. Take back your health this year with a few simple habits to get your sleep on track. 

    The Goal: Improve overall health by improving sleep quality. Take the following action steps to revolutionize your sleep quality in 2020.

    I will set a regular sleep schedule and sleep 7-9 hours per night.
    I will not use electronics or screens within one hour of going to bed.
    I will take on an evening routine to calm my mind before sleep.
    I will use an herbal formula or tea to help soothe my mind and body for the best sleep possible.
    I will not snooze my alarm in the morning and will exercise daily to encourage a better sleep cycle.

    Our Solution: An Shui Wan, An Mien Pian, or Real Mushroom Reishi 415
  • An Shui Wan is an excellent choice for the dream-disturbed, anxious, restless sleeper who tosses and turns with thoughts on their mind all night. For those who don’t experience anxiousness but still have trouble falling asleep, consider the calming An Mien Pian. This formula can be taken a couple hours before bed to gently lull the mind into a sleepy state. Reishi 415 is a mushroom supplement that can be used for general wellness and longevity but can be a great way to combat insomnia. Reishi has a calming and nurturing effect on the heart and mind, allowing us a peaceful sleep. 

    Start Your New Year Right with Chinese Medicine
    There’s never a wrong time to start a new habit or take control of your health. With the New Year approaching, however, this is a special time to start a new year – and a new decade – fresh! No matter your health goals, there are simple, easy-to-follow steps you can take to help get you there. No goal is too big for you! All it takes is a little preparation, dedication, and help from your trusty Chinese herbs. Best of luck and Happy New Year!

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